Sign petition to allow 7 year old transgender boy safe restroom access

Tommy Theollyn’s seven-year-old son — who we’ll call ”D.” — looks like a boy. While he was born biologically female, D. feels, deep in his heart, that he is a boy — and wears boys’ clothing and has short hair.

Tommy has done everything a caring parent would do to help a child going through a potentially tough time. D. has been to a psychologist and doctor, both of whom say that the right thing for Tommy to do is allow D. to live as a boy.

So Tommy is trying to do just that for his son. But there’s one big problem: D. has been denied access to the boys’ restroom — or a safe restroom — at his elementary school in Georgia. Since forcing D. to use the girls’ restroom effectively reveals that he is transgender to other children, this decision seriously threatens D.’s safety. Which is why Tommy made the heartbreaking decision to pull his son out of school.

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Why did i reblog this? Because things like this can be…. 

Am I Gay? no.

But i think they deserve every right to experience what we do with the ones THEY love. They deserve to be open and express their feelings without hatred, obscurities, or awkward looks….

I am Deonte Brown. A straight male who is a Gay supporter.

  I see nothing at all wrong with this. I’m proud of these two young boys for being so opened about there sexuality orientation. I only see two people who love each other. 

   I am Joseph Broughton and I am A straight male who supports this.

This made me smile :)

Thank you for your support.

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